The CARE National Watch Party Initiative

Thank you for your interest in the CARE National Watch Party Initiative presented by the documentary filmmakers and Caring Across Generations. Learn more about the partnership and the ways to join the movement below.


“This documentary illuminates with startling clarity that there is nothing more deeply human than to care for one another. It also shows us that, right now, our caregiving system is broken. This must change.” -
Ai-jen Poo, co-director of Caring Across Generations

At some point in our lives, we will all need care; someone to steady us as we walk, help us to keep track of our medical appointments and daily prescriptions, and stay on top of our bills, among other things. The need for this critical, valuable work is universal yet it is often invisible, unheralded, and undervalued. The documentary CARE by Deirdre Fishel and Tony Heriza aims to change that and that's why Caring Across Generations is stepping in to support the film's national broadcast.

We know that one of the most desired and affordable long-term care solutions we have is in-home caregiving. But entrenched cultural attitudes about aging and the value of care work, combined with weak labor protections, dangerously low minimum wages, and poor budgetary planning by our leaders get in the way of a long-term solution to this issue. As a nation, we have the resources to invest in paid home care and to ensure quality jobs for the people who provide it. We hope that CARE watch parties will bring together a critical mass of people to illustrate this and to engage in vital conversations about protecting the care we have and creating the care we need. We hope you will join us on September 5 by pledging to watch or by attending or hosting a watch party. Visit EVENT HUB PAGE to learn more.


A national movement of families, caregivers, older Americans, and everyone touched by care — the Caring Majority — is working to create an environment where bold changes in policy and behavior will ensure that care work is valued and that everyone can age with dignity while accessing and affording the care we deserve.

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