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To: Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Approve Nury Medina Torres' humanitarian parole

Approve Nury Medina Torres' humanitarian parole

ICE - Approve Nury Medina’s humanitarian parole

Why is this important?

Nury Medina Torres (a#070805870), Colorado mother and wife, has lived in the U.S. since 1991, when she fled violence in Honduras and sought opportunities to work in the U.S.

Nury is raising four children who are contributing members of the Colorado community, and she works cleaning houses in Aurora. Her husband Carlos is a U.S. citizen. Nury’s second oldest child, Kim, has kidney disease and urgently needs a transplant. Nury's other daughter, Gerissel, (19) is the donor. (Pictures of Nury and Kim above)

Nury and her family have filed a request for humanitarian parole with ICE to allow her to stay in the U.S. while her daughter, Kim, undergoes kidney transplant surgery. Nury is the primary caretaker for her family, and her ability to stay in the country could be lifesaving for Kim and important for her three other children as well.

Nury has taken all the steps to obtain legal residency in the United States. In 1991, she attempted to apply for asylum. The attorney took her money, closed his legal practice and left the state without informing his clients of his departure. Nury never knew if he had filed her case or not and did not have the resources to hire a second attorney. Nury’s case was opened and closed without her knowledge, resulting in a deportation order in 1996. She later applied for a permanent residency through her spouse, who is a U.S. citizen. As part of that process she returned to Honduras. It was there the consulate informed her she had a previous order of deportation.

The government later allowed Nury to return to US on humanitarian parole to accompany her daughters as they prepared for surgery. The surgery has not yet occurred and Nury’s current parole expires July 30th.

If Nury returns to Honduras, not only will her family suffer serious health consequences, but Nury’s life may be at risk. In 2015, her brother was murdered in Honduras by MS-13 gang members, who warned that if family members returned to the area they would suffer violent consequences.

Nury belongs in Colorado, where she can care for her daughter as she undergoes a vital kidney transplant surgery, and where she can participate in daily life without fearing politically motivated violence.

Take action immediately to tell ICE to stop Nury’s removal and keep her with her family.

Aurora, CO, USA

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All, we continue to support Nury as she fights to be allowed to remain in the US with her daughters for the kidney transplant. We received news the initial extension of parole has been denied. We are asking for further review of her case and need your help doubling signatures to 1,000 by Thursday! Please also share Nury's gofundme as she has to show a ticket back to Honduras at her next check in as well as cover legal costs of this fight.

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