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To: Governor Andrew Cuomo

Clemency for Sherwin McLean

Clemency for Sherwin McLean

Sherwin McLean is asking Governor Andrew Cuomo for a pardon of his criminal convictions that threaten his legal status. If not granted clemency, Sherwin will be deported to a country he left when he was 6 years old and will be torn away from his two children and family.

Why is this important?

Sherwin McLean is a loving father who needs your help. Sherwin has lived in the US since he was 6 years old, but criminal convictions from 20 years ago threaten his legal status. These crimes are mistakes from Sherwin's past that should not make him deportable. It is inhumane to tear him away from his children and deport him to a country he has never known as a result of his past mistakes.

Sherwin is a role model to his children Shaneice (12) and Logan (7). Shaneice and Logan are bright, loving, and smart young children. Sherwin has instilled a love of learning in them both and takes an active role in their education. Sherwin and his wife Trish work hard to give their children the best future possible.

When ICE detained Sherwin from 2015-2016, Shaneice and Logan suffered extreme emotional and psychological distress. Every night they cried for their father, begging to see him again. Sherwin has always had an active role in his children's lives, and since his release he has not missed a single moment to spend time with his children. It would be inhumane to tear Sherwin from his children once again. Sherwin deserves to see his children grow, and it is his dream to see them graduate from school.

If Sherwin is deported, this family will be torn apart. Please sign this petition to voice your support to grant him clemency so he can stay in this country with his family.

Brooklyn, NY, USA

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