To: Governor Cuomo and the New York State legislators

The Gun Lobby doesn't speak for New York: Protect our new gun laws

The Gun Lobby doesn't speak for New York: Protect our new gun laws

As people of faith and values in New York, we thank our leaders for passing tough, new gun laws in response to the December 2012 Newtown shooting tragedy, where twenty children and seven adults lost their lives.

Now we ask our leaders not to cave to a vocal minority, organized by the Gun Lobby, which is opposed to the commonsense laws that prevent senseless tragedies, like Newtown, from happening in NY.

Why is this important?

Two thirds of New Yorkers (an overwhelming majority) support the new gun laws in our state because they take concrete steps to safeguard our families, friends, neighbors, schools, houses of worship, and communities from preventable gun violence.

Unfortunately, the new gun laws are now vulnerable to the money and power of the NRA and other gun lobbying organizations. These organizations regard ANY efforts to prevent gun violence as infractions on the Second Amendment. The gun lobbies are equipped with deep pockets and political savvy and will do everything they can to defeat lawmakers who support the new legislation in the next statewide elections.

To prevent the repeal of our new gun violence preventions laws, and to keep leaders who support preventing violence in office, we need to raise our voices as people of faith and values!

This is a critical window of opportunity to thank and support our elected officials for doing the right thing and ensuring the safety of all New York residents. The laws are respectful of those who own guns while also taking necessary steps to stem the epidemic of gun violence in our nation.

The Gun Lobby doesn't speak for NY: protect our new gun laws!

Albany Legislators and the Governor's Office

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