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To: Alice Walton, Walmart board member and daughter of Walmart founder

Walmart wages violate our core moral values

This campaign has ended.

As clergy and faith leaders from across New York City and the United States, we write to urge Walmart to end the immoral practices of paying workers poverty wages and refusing to provide full-time work. We bear witness to the daily struggle of Walmart workers to feed their families, and join them in a 15 day fast for $15 an hour and full-time work.

Why is this important?

As people of faith, we urge Alice Walton to heed the call of the prophet Isaiah, “Maintain justice and do what is right.” (Isaiah 56:1)

We stand with workers like Jasmine Dixon from store number 3533 in Denver. Jasmine has two young sons, but struggles to feed them because she is only paid $11.95 per hour. Jasmine has to skip meals and relies on food stamps and food banks to feed her kids because she works at Walmart.

We stand with workers like Mary Watkines, who organize because "It is hard for me to understand how a company can do this to people: my coworkers work hungry while stocking food all day. I have coworkers who have to sleep in their car in the parking lot because they can't afford an apartment. Others are parents who work all day only to go home to children who are hungry.”

It is immoral that Walmart workers and their families go hungry every day. Alice Walton, we call on you to recognize your moral obligation to end the pain of hunger by ensuring that your workers can feed themselves and their children.

We stand with Walmart workers launching a 15-day Fast for $15. Together with allies, workers are lifting up the call for $15 an hour and access to full time work at Walmart-- conditions that would allow workers to feed themselves and their family. It is a brave effort to turn what has often been a source of private shame for workers into a demonstration of public outrage.

Will you stand with Walmart fasters by signing on to this letter to Walmart board member Alice Walton calling on Walmart to meet its moral obligation to our communities?

How it will be delivered

Clergy and Walmart workers will deliver this petition and read aloud prayers to Alice Walton's Park Avenue apartment on Friday, November 27 at 9am.

New York City, NY, United States

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