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To: Leaders of faith and moral courage across the U.S.

We Commit to Physical Distancing and Social Solidarity

Commit to supporting physical distancing. Cancel in-person gatherings until coronavirus disease (COVID-19) no longer threatens our communities, and find new ways for congregations, communities, and organizing hubs to gather, offer encouragement, and serve.

Why is this important?

As leaders of faith and moral courage, we often call people together for worship, connection, service, and action.

We now have an obligation to act to mitigate the worst impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic. This obligation includes canceling large group gatherings and encouraging community members to stop unnecessary travel and stay at home.

As leaders, we're also called to help our congregations and communities stay connected. We know that while physical isolation can save lives, emotional isolation can be deadly.

We call on every moral leader to lead now. Let's find new ways to deepen our faith, strengthen our fellowships, and support our communities while we're 6-feet or more apart!

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