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To: Mayor, City Counsel, County Judge, County Commissioners and Stock Show Board of Directors

Fort Worth and Tarrant County, Take Down That Flag!

Fort Worth and Tarrant County, Take Down That Flag!

Remove the confederate flags, memorials and statues from all municipal and county buildings. Ban these flags from the stock show parade and all other activities.

Why is this important?

On June 17, 2015 one young, white man filled with hate accepted the hospitality of nine African Americans and then massacred them. His descent into hatred is well-documented. He has provided a gallery of photos glorifying racist logos and images. We can do nothing to assuage the grief and shock of those who mourn the Charleston Nine. But we can make their slaughter stand for something. We can take action against the display of the flag that motivated the murderer of the Charleston Nine, the latest but certainly not the first, to put into violent action the message of a flag that represents hatred and bigotry.

Tarrant County, TX, United States

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2015-08-27 21:36:36 -0400

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