To: Waverly school board and the superindentent

Give Waverly teachers a FAIR contract, NOW

Give Waverly teachers a FAIR contract, NOW

Our teachers have been working without a contract. This is causing stress on them, as well their families. The students, parents and community. The TEACHERS deserve a fair and just contract. This petition is for Waverly coummnity members, parents and alumni.

Why is this important?

For our students to be successful, they need a stable school environment. Negotiate a fair contract that will stop the revolving door of employees and end the persistent instability for students.

We, the undersigned want a resolution to the contract negotiations with the Waverly teachers. We want the board and/or the Waverly superintendent to settle the contract now. You have heard different parents and community members speak. We are here to show you in numbers how much we want this NOW. This petition is signed by parents, coummunity members and alumni.

How it will be delivered

Facebook and email

Lansing, MI 48917, United States

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