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To: DHS Secretary Kelly, ICE Director Homan

Grant Colorado Mother, Maria de Jesus Jimenez Sanchez, a Stay

Grant Colorado Mother, Maria de Jesus Jimenez Sanchez, a Stay

Please reconsider and approve Maria de Jesus Jimenez Sanchez' stay of deportation (A# 079-649-521). Ms. Jimenez Sanchez’ lawyer made a verbal and written request at her ICE check-in appointment on April 12th. In the request, her lawyer requested reconsideration and additional review of the Stay of Removal request that ICE denied on March 13, 2017. She additionally requested a Reasonable Fear interview, and at a minimum, prosecutorial discretion to postpone enforcing the stay on a temporary basis to allow Ms. Jimenez Sanchez to her attend her 15 year old citizen disabled daughter's IEP meeting and continue to be a support to her as well as her three other children.

Why is this important?

“Maria, originally from Mexico, has made the U.S. her home for almost 20 years and is a resident of south Aurora near Denver, Colorado. She was detained at her check in on Wednesday morning, April 14th.

Maria has her own small cleaning business and is the mother of 4 children- the eldest is a DACA recipient, the 3 youngest are citizens. Her fifteen year old daughter has special needs and Maria advocates for her at school and is her main caregiver. After the local field office denied Maria's new stay application in March, Maria hoped that Immigration agents would allow her to attend her daughter's IEP meeting at school April 18th and time to arrange better care for her. Instead Immigration detained her because of President Trump's new policies that prioritize the deportation of all immigrants who are undocumented. Her lawyer has applied to have the stay denial reviewed.

In 2001, Maria was issued an expedited removal order near the border after traveling home to visit her ill mother. She returned to the US shortly thereafter to be with her family. In 2012, she was detained for driving without a license and as a result spent 6 months in ICE detention. She and was eventually granted a stay of removal, which has been renewed each year until now.

Maria wants to remain in Colorado because this is her home where she can continue to take care of her children and grow her business.”


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