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To: Honorable: ICE DIRECTOR

Help Debora Return Back Home

Help Debora Return Back Home

After a year of being in sanctuary while fighting my case in the legal system, I am appealing to you to help me, Debora Barrios, get a stay of removal so I can have a chance to remain in this country and continue contributing to the United States. I know I have many more contributions to make.

Why is this important?

I am a resident of New York and I have taken sanctuary inside the church Saint Paul and St Andrew so I can have the time to fight to avoid being permanently separated from my children, which is what ICE wants to do.
What will happen to my young children If I am deported?
My son is 11 and my daughter is just 3 years old. The thought of not being there for them is unbearably painful. Who will kiss them goodnight or be there when they return back from school? Who will take care of them? When they are ill, or hurt, or have to face life's disappointments? I need your help so I can stay in the United States. Since I first arrived in the United States in 2005, I have become fully employed and have taken on a role as a community leader. I have lived in NY for 14 years, I was proud to have become AA an Early childhood Program, and I also volunteered at Comunity Resource Center to help others in need in my community. Here, inside Sanctuary. I continue to volunteer for the church's social programs, such as its amazing food pantry. I want to help my children achieve their dreams and become productive members of society. My son hopes to be an engineer for NASA. He is in a soccer league and thrives on his mom cheering him on at his games. My daughter, while just 3, loves accompanying her brother to his game as well. I am so proud that they love and care for each other.
If I am deported, not only would my future be in jeopardy but so would theirs.

Please help me by signing this petition so I will be allowed to appear before a judge. I do not have a criminal record. Please give me the opportunity to demonstrate that I can be part of this country. I have worked so hard to be a
good community member and truly hope that counts and the judge will help me to ensure my children's future.

Thank you for your help and solidarity.


Reasons for signing

  • Debora prayed for me to stop my heavy bleeding, she is a saint. I was depressed and sick all the time, with her prayers and a caring doctor at a shelter I'm staying at that is giving me guidance, I am starting to love life again. I love Deborah and her family and pray God keeps them together in America, where they are safe and loved. Please continue to love one another. Amen, in Jesus name.
  • Debora's situation demands an assessment of a system that criminalizes the urge to live a productive family life in a safe community. There is no harm to our community in allowing her to remain while her case works its way through the system, and the harm done by removing her from her family is irreparable. That is why I signed.
  • To right this injustice of threatening Debora with deportation when her life and family are rooted here. She, like many of our immigrant neighbors, have made significant contributions to our society.


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