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To: Extremist Governor Ron DeSantis

I Pledge To Register Two Voters In Florida!

In Florida, the extremist Governor Ron DeSantis is attempting to block nearly 1.4 million formerly incarcerated people from voting. While many of these Floridians regained their rights to vote in 2018, the Governor has since signed a bill to financially block formerly incarcerated felons from registering to vote who can’t afford to pay court fees.

This is voter suppression plain and simple! We cannot let the extremists steal the 2020 vote in Florida.

Why is this important?

We are calling on people of faith and moral conscience to pledge today to register two voters in Florida, for each formerly incarcerated person the governor is attempting to disenfranchise. By signing below, we’ll send you an email with step-by-step instructions on how you can register people to vote in Florida.

Thank you for pledging to stand up for all Floridians and to protect the vote in this critical election! So much as at stake and we need every vote possible to advance true justice and equality for all.

Will you take the pledge?

Florida, USA

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