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To: Mr. President, Mr. McConnell and Mr. Ryan:

In the case of historic hurricanes, love demands a reckoning with their true cause: climate change

We insist that you take climate change seriously. When storms named Harvey, Irma, and Jose get through ravaging land and sea, we must name the conditions that caused the storms, and do something about them. We urge you all to act toward a strategy to address climate change, now—as we rebuild from these hurricanes, not afterward.

Why is this important?

We are in a state of emergency. Mother Earth is rebelling because of our ignorance and the ways we have ignored her, venting her wrath in storms called Harvey, Irma and Jose.

If there’s anything September 11th, 2001 taught us, it’s that we should not give in to fear or succumb to terror. Instead in cases of emergency, we turn to our greatest strength: love. As this 9/11 anniversary is marked by the emergencies that are these hurricanes, we are called collectively to a greater love than many of us have ever known.

We need leadership. You and I need to lead! We need a revolution, a love revolution. In cases of emergency, we know how to pull together. We rescue each other from burning buildings and from rising waters. We pull down moldy plaster and rebuild. We board up windows together, or fly each other out of danger. We open our doors and our hearts.

We stand up, we march, we sit in, we die in. We change the law. We change the tide. We make it better. We take care of each other. We have each other’s backs. Why? Because we are one human family, inextricably connected to each other. We need each other to live! We remember the emergency of 9/11. We helped each other on that terrible day. In this time of emergency, we must begin a love revolution, one that takes seriously climate change.

At least one practical thing we can do, as we donate and work to rebuild Hurricane ravaged communities, is we must insist that our leaders take climate change seriously, as we must do so ourselves. When Harvey, Irma, and Jose get through ravaging land and sea, we must name the conditions that caused the storms, and do something about them. Sign and share this petition to your representatives and push them and the President toward a strategy to address climate change.

And share this petition with friends, so they can sign it and learn about climate change and what we can do about it.

Even as we work towards a reckoning with the truth of climate change we must also help with the immediate needs of those affected by the Hurricanes. As I write this, I am watching the nation come together under the campaign HandInHand2017. Musicians in several cites are reminding us to lean on each other, to stand by one another, while many of my favorite actors, athletes, activists, and celebrities stand by the phones. Proceeds are going to several organizations that will fund recovery in Texas, Florida and in the Caribbean. If it feels convenient, donate at; text 80077 to give or call 800-258-6000.

Sign this petition right now and invite your friends to as well. This is an emergency; in case of emergency, #RevolutionaryLove.



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