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To: Pope Francis

Investigate Bishop Dewane

We stand with the Catholics of Southwest Florida in asking for
an investigation of the autocratic behavior of Bishop Frank Dewane.

* The bishop has dismissed pastors and unfairly fired over 20 workers without reason or hearing and ignored the needs of local communities.
* Pastors have requested help from the Papal Nuncio, reporting Dewane of violating Canon Law and operating through intimidation, fear, shaming and bullying.
* The bishop continues to embarrass faithful Catholics by losing his temper, lashing out at innocent students and demoralizing the priests and employees of the diocese.

"While Pope Francis values openness, dialogue, and consultation, our bishop suppresses the open exchange of ideas. We find ourselves in a diocese in which both laity and priests dare not differ with the bishop in any matter, large or small, for fear of retribution" say the writers. Parishioners and pastors are speaking up and asking for our support.

We support the local Catholics who have signed a letter to Pope Francis, Cardinal Marc Ouellet and the Congregation of Bishops asking for its intervention.

For the good of the Church, the people of God must have ways to hold their appointed leaders accountable.

Why is this important?

Since 2006, Catholics in Southwest Florida have been suffering under Bishop Dewane and asking for an investigation into his misconduct. He has intimidated and banished workers and his violent outbursts and unpredictable anger have become a pattern which, in the name of justice, demands an investigation.

After years of letter writing and local action, Catholics in the diocese are writing again to Pope Francis, and asking for the support of others around the country.

(For more information on the pastors and parishioners leading the campaign, visit

Venice, FL, United States

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