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To: President Barack Obama

Sign the Faith Community Letter to President Obama on the Addiction Crisis

As leaders of all faiths, we call on you and your Administration to work with us to address the crisis of addiction.

Together, we can create a movement letting our nation know that addiction is preventable and treatable, that far too many of those affected have been incarcerated, and that people can and do get well.

Why is this important?

Addiction to alcohol and other drugs is an insidious public health crisis, impacting more than 85 million Americans. For too long, too many people have remained silent.

The time is now to end that silence, and we urge the Obama Administration to join with our movement on October 4, 2015 when the UNITE To Face Addiction Rally will take place in Washington, DC.

As faith community leaders, we support this effort because:

WE WITNESS daily how the lack of understanding about recovery and addiction prevents individuals from living fulfilling lives.

WE RECOGNIZE that urging individuals to speak out publicly about their recovery – and to encouraging families to share about their loss – will remove the shame of addiction.

WE COMMIT to expanding the range of recovery ministries, programs, and resources that allow people seeking help to set their own goals and build on their strengths as individuals.

WE SPEAK with a unified voice in a movement dedicated to developing comprehensive, long-term solutions to the devastation of addiction.

WE VIEW the inclusion of a diverse representation of faith traditions as a key to solving our nation’s addition crisis.

The groundswell for change requires hands on involvement at the basic unit of all faith traditions: the congregation. As faith community leaders, we are ready to make a difference. With the help of you and your Administration, we can ignite a growing movement to solve our nation’s addiction crisis.

How it will be delivered

The letter will be delivered to the White House on October 4th during the national UNITE to Face Addiction rally.




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