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To: State Governors

Make teaching LGBTQ+ History required in school!

Make teaching LGBTQ+ History required in school!

LGBTQ+ History is just as important as US history, by signing this petition you can help us make teaching LGBTQ+ History required in school!

Why is this important?

In the USA schools in only 4 out of the 50 states are required to include LGBTQ+ history in their curriculum. There are 6 states that have "no promo homo" laws that require schools to not teach LGBTQ+ sexual education. We need to change this so that LGBTQ+ children of the future understand that it is okay to be themselves.

United States

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Reasons for signing

  • I'm Bigender and Pansexual, and I think that we students should learn about this stuff.
  • I’m part of the lgbtq+ and I think that as a student we need more lgbtq+ history in school and make it known that it’s just people
  • this is something i think will lower exclusion rates, just for the fact people understand more about what they are talking about... But hey, tahts just my vision.


2021-03-12 17:49:38 -0500

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