To: The President and Members of Congress

Protect Children, Not Guns

We demand that you and our elected leaders come together and take immediate comprehensive and effective action to end this madness. Even as we address other aspects of this epidemic, including a growing mental health crisis and a popular culture which glorifies and is soaked in gun violence, we insist that you enact effective gun safety measures that will save child lives. You must protect children, not guns.

Why is this important?

We are deeply shaken by the horror at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.

The 20 children and 6 educators slain there are the latest victims of America’s gun violence plague. Each week, 350 children and teens are killed or injured by guns—enough to fill 14 more classrooms of 25 students. Today, one child or teen will experience gun violence every 30 minutes and a child will die every 3 hours.

What have we become as a people when even in the face of such sin and suffering, we continue to protect guns before children?