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To: U.S. Senators

Pass Mandatory Background Checks For All Gun Purchases

Photo credit: Middle Collegiate Church

Too many lives have been lost and communities shattered due to gun violence.

During the pandemic alone, more than 300,000 Americans were able to purchase guns without a background check, including 75,000 “flagged purchasers” who would not have been able to legally buy a gun had a background check been required. Unless we get serious about enacting tangible gun reforms, the mass murder and shootings of innocent people will continue to proliferate across the country. We must pass mandatory background checks for all gun purchases now!

Why is this important?

Moral leaders have always been first responders to injustice—from battling Jim Crow, to ensuring voting rights and marriage equality, to protecting health care and the rights of marginalized communities.

Now, we must take the lead in pursuing justice on gun reform!

Speak up, vote, lobby, march, protest, blog, tweet, and insist that our lawmakers recognize the worth of every person by passing legislation to ensure universal background checks, including guns sold on the internet, at gun shows, and in stores.

Now is not the time to make it easier for people to carry and use guns. Now is not the time to turn our teachers into armed guards. Now is the time to pass federal gun law reform!

While the House has headed the call and passed universal-check measures, the Senate continues to play politics with the lives of innocent people.

We call on Republican and Democratic Senators to put partisanship aside and work together to pass universal background checks and other legislation that’s needed to address the moral concerns of our time.

Community safety is a human issue, not a partisan one. We’ve had enough, and we need the U.S. Senate to act NOW!

Let's lift our voices. Let's flood the Senate phone lines. Let’s be the groundswell that changes the tide!


The Rev. Jacqueline J. Lewis, Ph.D.
Senior Minister, Middle Collegiate Church
Auburn Senior Fellow

Rabbi Sharon Brous
Founder/Senior Rabbi, IKAR
Auburn Senior Fellow


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