To: Representative Scott Garrett

New Jersey Citizens for Sensible Federal Gun Violence Legislation

Representative Garrett: We citizens of New Jersey want you to support sensible federal gun violence legislation that would protect innocent citizens as well as the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

That would mean things like:

*Limit gun purchases to one a month (to undercut gun trafficking)
*30-day waiting period to buy a handgun
*Restrict sales of high-capacity magazines
*Universal background checks for gun buyers

Why is this important?

All of us have been moved by the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut in December. While there is no one panacea solution to the problem of gun violence, we feel there are some sensible steps the federal government should take that would have an immediate impact on the horrifying numbers of Americans who die by gun each year in our country.

New Jersey's 5th Congressional District


Reasons for signing

  • lets do more to stop the killing of innocent people.
  • We are wiping out talent and our future generation by needless bloodshed!
  • IMPERATIVE!!!!!!!