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To: President Obama

People Of Faith Supporting President Obama's Efforts To End Discrimination Against LGBTQ Students

Add your name as a person of faith to this letter from clergy saying that you support the recent decision to interpret and enforce Title IX as also prohibiting discrimination on the basis of "gender identity, including discrimination based on a student's transgender status."

Why is this important?

President Obama:

As people of faith with a deep and abiding concern for the welfare of all children, we want to applaud you and your administration for the recent decision to interpret and enforce Title IX — a statute, written in 1972, that prohibits sex discrimination — as also prohibiting discrimination on the basis of "gender identity, including discrimination based on a student’s transgender status.”

We recognize that this is a confusing and even unsettling issue for many, while for others who have faced discrimination this has been a harmful experience long ignored. From our perspective, however, you have simply taken another step toward creating a nation where the basic civil rights of all are protected.

Too many LGBTQ youths are lost and abandoned. Many of these young people end up living in poverty and on the streets. None of these children should face discrimination at school or barriers in getting an education. We believe that protecting young people from discrimination is consistent with our faith. Love – not fear – should be our guiding principle. We challenge those who might respond to this decision to open their
hearts and listen to the stories, particularly of transgender students, who are so often marginalized.

Thank you for showing us a better path.

Rev. Dr. Chuck Currie Director, Center for Peace and Spirituality & University Chaplain, Pacific University

Rev. Dr. Alice Hunt, President and Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible & Theological Education, Chicago Theological Seminary

Rev. Dr. Traci D. Blackmon, Executive Minister, Justice & Witness Ministries, United Church of Christ

Sister Simone Campbell, SSS, Executive Director, NETWORK, A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby

Rabbi Michael Z. Cahana, Senior Rabbi, Temple Beth Israel | Portland, Oregon

Rev. Dr. Deborah Krause, Academic Dean and Professor of New Testament, Eden Theological Seminary

Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, Professor of Theology and President Emerita, Chicago Theological Seminary

Rev. Michael Neuroth, Policy Advocate for International Issues, United Church of Christ, Justice and Witness Ministries

Rev. Dr. Derrick Harkins, Senior Vice-President for Innovations in Public Programs, Union Theological Seminary in New York City

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