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To: People of faith, clergy and laypeople

Pledge of Resistance to I.C.E.

Pledge of Resistance to I.C.E.

Sign on to a pledge of nonviolent noncooperation with I.C.E., in any or all of its immigration enforcement policies and tactics.

Why is this important?

Because I.C.E. is tearing apart immigrant families and communities, treating people as invaders and aliens, not treating every human being as having inherent dignity and value, created in the Divine Image.

No human being is "illegal", no human being should be treated as such.
As long as they continue to do so, we pledge our noncooperation and resistance to I.C.E.!

How it will be delivered

Email to Homeland Security / I.C.E.

Reasons for signing

  • Have a little compassion.
  • Our nation is built of immigrants--all of us who were and are seeking a better life. Immigrants deserve to be treated with dignity and value.
  • I signed because I believe the government of the United States is violating its own laws and international laws in its treatment of asylum seekers from Central America and the arbitrary ending of Temporary Protected Status and other protections, as well as the attempt to undo DACA.


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