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Pledge to Oppose Fake News

Pledge to Oppose Fake News

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I pledge, in my writing, my speaking, and my use of social media, to strive to fact-check every source twice before I quote it or pass it on, using reliable fact-checking resources such as or that list their own resources on their websites.

Bearing in mind that statistics are often blatantly manipulated, I will do my best to avoid using intentionally biased or misleading numbers.

When I am able to identify a fake news source, I will make an effort to contact that source and register my strong objection. I will expose fake news sites without passing on their untruthful information.

I pledge to do this to the best of my ability because a “post-fact” and/or “post-truth“ nation is no nation at all.

Why is this important?

Individuals need to take charge of their own online presence and refuse to further the spread of Fake News. When we refuse to post or forward Fake News, when we identify Fake News sources and make our objections known, we decrease the power of Fake News in our public spaces.

Reasons for signing

  • I have a choice.


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