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To: Pope Francis

Catholics Support Women Priests. Pope Francis Should Do The Same.

Catholics all around the world are served by the faithful actions of Roman Catholic Womenpriests, who lead inclusive worshipping communities and live out Pope Francis' "Church of Mercy" every day. However, these priests have been excommunicated simply for following their call. Pope Francis-we are Catholics and people of faith and goodwill who support women priests, because they have changed our lives for the better. Hear our call, and lift the unjust excommunications of these priests and their supporters.

Why is this important?

Pope Francis says that "No one can be excluded from the mercy of God...[the Church's] doors remain wide open." Pope Francis has demonstrated his commitment to this mercy by reaching out to other orders of priests who have broken away from the church. In this spirit, we ask Pope Francis to affirm primacy of conscience for the women priests worldwide. In prophetic obedience to the Spirit, women priests live a renewed priestly ministry in communities of faith that welcome all and exclude no one.

Roman Catholic Women Priests, who stand in apostolic succession, serve in a renewed priestly ministry in a community of equals. Those of us who are divorced and remarried, who are LGBTQ, and who have struggled with the Catholic faith, have found spiritual shelter in their worshipping communities. Here, we can fully participate in the Word of Jesus and the sacraments. They are living the Gospel message of radical inclusion.

Pope Francis, you have inspired the world with your message of a merciful Church, and we now implore you to live up to your message. Use the power of your office to open wide the doors to dialogue and lift all excommunications and ecclesiastical punishments against Roman Catholic Women Priests and their supporters. We are the Church. Listen to our cry for justice.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be delivered by a woman priest to the Vatican on June 3rd, during the Jubilee for Women Priests hosted by Women's Ordination Worldwide and the Women's Ordination Conference.


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Pope Francis supports a commission to study the possibility of women deacons! This is exciting news, but our Church still has a long way to go. Will you consider sharing this petition with 5 people close to you, so we can show Francis that we believe in ordination at all levels for people of all genders?

Read the news story and our statement!

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