To: Immigration & Customs Enforcement

Release Andre Browne!

Release Andre Browne!

Release Andre Browne from immigration detention and allow him to return to his U.S. citizen family so that he may apply for a green card. Mr. Browne is a family man who was the victim of bad representation by an advocate who has since been banned from representing immigrants. Since then, Mr. Browne was granted discretion to remain in the United States and during that time worked, fell in love, and married a U.S. citizen, with whom he is now raising 4 U.S. citizen children, aged 7 through 16, including one with special educational needs. He is not a danger to the public, and has never been convicted of any crime. A month and a half ago, Mr. Browne was detained at his regular check-in with ICE, for no reason other than his prior removal order, and despite the pending visa petition filed by his wife. Once the visa is approved, and the removal order is lifted, Mr. Browne will be able to apply for a green card. If he is deported, however, he'll lose that opportunity and his family will be separated.

Why is this important?

Deporting Andre Browne would divide a family, separate loved ones, cause tremendous hardship to them, and disrupt their larger community of family, friends, and employers, with no benefit to the United States. Mr. Browne is a loving family man who was forced to leave his country under difficult circumstances and then received bad legal advice from a discredited advocate. He never misrepresented his circumstances, and has cooperated fully with immigration authorities since being granted discretion to remain in the United States five years ago. He only wants to be home with his family. Their hearts are broken and they are desperate to be together again. A Motion to Reopen his case is pending, but Mr. Browne will be removed before it is decided unless he is granted a Stay of Removal.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be hand delivered to ICE by representatives of the NYU Immigrant Defense Initiative.

New York, NY, United States

Reasons for signing

  • He deserves justice. He is a human being with a life and family that is being ripped apart by this oppressive biased system
  • Total unfairness to this man
  • Because "protecting National security," isn't about tearing families apart.


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