To: Immigration and customs enforcement

Release Eliseo Jurado, Colorado father, back to his family

Release Eliseo Jurado, Colorado father, back to his family

Immediately release Eliseo back to his family and drop deportation against him.

Why is this important?

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On January 11, 2018, ICE detained the husband of Sanctuary leader Ingrid Encalada Latorre.

Eliseo Jurado has lived half his life in the US. His father is a US citizen and his mother a permanent resident. His son, Anibal who is two years old, and his step-son Bryant, who is nine, are both US citizens.

Eliseo is the breadwinner for his family and has supported Ingrid as she fought her deportation. He owns his own framing company and has literally helped build a new Denver.

Nothing new has happened in Eliseo’s life. There was no reason for ICE to target him now.
Hoy, el ICE detuvo al esposo de la líder del Santuario, Ingrid Encalada Latorre.

Eliseo Jurado ha vivido la mitad de su vida en los Estados Unidos. Su padre es ciudadano estadounidense y su madre es residente permanente. Su hijo, Anibal, que tiene dos años, y su hijastro Bryant, que tiene nueve años, son ambos ciudadanos estadounidenses.

Eliseo es el sostén de su familia y ha apoyado a Ingrid mientras luchaba contra su deportación. Es dueño de su propia empresa de enmarcado y, literalmente, ha ayudado a construir un nuevo Denver.

Nada nuevo ha sucedido en la vida de Eliseo. No había ninguna razón para que ICE lo atacara ahora.

Reasons for signing

  • we should support hardworking immigrants, not throw them out. Eliseo needs to be with his family.
  • Eliseo Jurado and his family belong here. We welcome them. These deportations need to STOP. We need to have the right to vote on this subject in order to get the government to listen to the will of the people and to STOP deporting these immigrants and their families.
  • Detaining Eliseo is inhuman and cruel. How the least among us is treated is how Jesus the Christ is treated. We should never treat the Jesus within Eliseo this way. It is vital to stand up for demacracy and against the totalitarian take over of our country.


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Thank you to all who stood with us yesterday in vigil in front of the for-profit GEO detention center where ICE has detained Eliseo. His father and sons were there and led us in prayer. You can see video from the vigil here
Gracias a todos que podian estar con nosotros ayer en la vigilia enfrente de GEO donde Inmigracion tiene a Eliseo detenido. Su padres y sus hijos estuvieron presentes y nos lideraron en oracion. Puedes ver video de la vigilia aqui

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