To: To the Administration & Board of Trustees at Cedarville University

Restore Critical Thought to Cedarville

Restore Critical Thought to Cedarville

The imminent dissolution of the philosophy department at Cedarville University is disconcerting.

We, as past faculty, staff, students, their families, and alumni, voice our concern at this decision and are letting it be known that we are pledging not to fund Cedarville in any way until this decision is reversed.

Those of us who are currently at Cedarville are standing in solidarity against this decision and demand a redress of this course of action.

Why is this important?

The study of philosophy is fundamental to critical thought and is recognized as the study of problems which range from the abstract to the ultimate. These problems are concerned with the nature of existence, knowledge, reason, morality, and the humanities.

An institution of higher learning cannot exist with any long-term viability without critical thought and the ability to address these questions.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered prior to the upcoming January Board meeting at Cedarville University.

251 North Main Street, Cedarville, OH

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