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To: Dr. Prabhjot Singh

Send a Prayer or Note to Prabhjot Singh

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Send a Prayer or Note to Prabhjot Singh

A thank you message from Prabhjot Singh:

On Saturday, September 21, 2013, Dr. Prabhjot Singh went for a walk in Harlem after dropping off his wife and one-year old son. He was brutally punched to the ground as his assailants yelled “get Osama” and called him “terrorist.” When bystanders came to his aid, he was rushed to the hospital, his face bloody and bruised, his jaw fractured.

We are heartsick that this happened, but our faiths inspire us to reach out in moments of tragedy, bind wounds, and pray for healing. We, as people of all faiths and backgrounds, send our love and support to Prabhjot and his family. Sign here and add a note with your prayer or message for Prabhjot.

Why is this important?

We’ve seen the healing that’s possible when we come together to combat hate. This attack, pending the investigation, will at least be tracked and monitored as a hate crime by the US government. We did that together.

In fact, Prabhjot – a Columbia university professor, doctor, and community health expert – helped make that possible. In the New York Times last year, he called upon the government “to vigorously combat bias and discrimination against all Americans."

This is our moment to come together again -- to shine a spotlight on Prabhjot's brave leadership and help prevent future attacks with our action.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver all the prayers and messages of love and support to Prabhjot and his family.

Reasons for signing

  • Blessings and grace to Dr. Singh and his family, from other children of God.
  • We cannot undo the harm that was done, but just as Dr. Singh recognizes, nobody, not victim, not perpetrator, not the rest of society, needs to remain frozen in that moment. Dr. Singh is not willing forever to be victim nor is he willing forever to view his assailants as perpetrators. Dr. Singh suggests restorative justice and I believe there is redemptive power in this choice. Wishing him a speedy recovery.
  • Because this country needs to see that the hate that is being done is no different that the hate overseas, just different religions extremism. This affects me to as I am female and my rights and economic security are under attack and the lawmakers are not taking rape and domestic abuse seriously and are trying to roll back laws that keep me safe and let me control my body and work for a living.


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Because he continues to be amazing in the wake of the attack. Inviting his attackers to heal along with him...

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