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To: Congress

Stop Department of Homeland Security Retaliation Against Immigrant Activists!

We, the undersigned, pledge to stand together with activists who are targeted and retaliated against by the government, particularly DHS and ICE, for speaking out against immigration policies. We urge Congress to take immediate action to investigate and put a stop to government practices of targeting and silencing movement leaders. As more and more activists face detention, deportation, surveillance, and criminal prosecution, it has become increasingly clear that the government is targeting powerful voices of dissent.

Why is this important?

In 2019, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals recognized that the First Amendment prohibits the government from targeting immigration activists for deportation based on their political speech.  To allow ICE to deport activists like Ravi on the basis of their advocacy would have a chilling effect on public speech by other activists, immigrants and US citizens alike. 

Ravi's case (more information can be found here - is but one of many examples of government retaliation. As long as ICE, DHS, and other government agencies are able to avoid consequences for violating constitutional rights and norms of basic human decency, they will continue to act with impunity to stamp out dissent. We must step up and act NOW in order to protect our leaders in the fight for justice as well as to safeguard our fundamental right to free speech.



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