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Stop the removal proceedings of Ramesh (A# 043-454-455). LET HIM CONTINUE HIS LIFE AS FREE MAN! He has paid his dues!!

Why is this important?

Ramesh is a native of Guyana and has been in the U.S since 1992, he was 12 years old. He is a legal permanent resident. Ramesh has made mistakes in the past. He was incarcerated from 2007-2008.
Because his crimes were not violent he was sentenced to shock incarceration (boot camp style). ICE placed him in removal proceedings in 2008 and terminated the proceedings a month after. Shortly after his release he married his childhood sweetheart.

For 7 years he worked hard towards the American Dream. Ramesh purchased his first home in January 2015. March 2, 2015, not even 2 weeks after he moved into his new home, Ramesh received a call from a friend informing him that Homeland Security is looking for him. Ramesh spoke to one of the officers and told her his address. 4 DHS officers immediately surrounded his home and arrested him with no explanation or warrant. On his way to Varick Street, Ramesh heard over the officer's walkie that he was not the only being picked up. Later than even Ramesh called his wife and told her "I'm not coming home". Ramesh's court appearance revealed the reason for his arrest. His case was "terminated without prejudice". He immigration attorney (disbarred 2012) in 2008 said that if Ramesh didn't hear from immigration within a year he "would be clear".

Ramesh is detained at Orange County Jail NY. He was ordered removed October 28, 2015. The immigration judges has denied bail 2 times. He has been labeled an "aggravated felon". The judges said he's a "flight risk" and a "danger to the community". His first bond hearing was in 26 Federal Plaza. Ramesh has worked in that building's sewer lines. He has traveled outside of the country. He is not a flight risk nor is a danger to the community.

On June 16, 2016 ICE officers drove Ramesh to JFK to have him board a commercial flight even though his "STAY OF REMOVAL" was filed with the 2nd Circuit. The "STAY OF REMOVAL" is file so that Ramesh will not be removed from the country. ICE did not review his file and tried to put him on plane to Guyana. Ramesh refused to get on the flight so he was taken back to Orange County Jail.

For over 7 years Ramesh has worked extremely hard on being a better person and he continues to do so even being detained. He has a magnetic personality. He has the ability to uplift anyone's spirit. He is alway full of life. His family, friends, co-workers and church prays heavily for his return home.

Ramesh has also worked hard to better his community. He owns his own business, Lions Imprint. He also started a community organization, Immigrant Outreach, to help struggling New Yorkers, and is a member of the New Sanctuary Coalition NYC.

I am Ramesh's wife and we have been together almost 19 years. He is my motivation to not only help him get released but help others going through the same battle. Someone he met in Orange County Jail said to me, "he has a different kind of heart".

Ramesh was released on September 9, 2016 on order of supervision.

Complied with all rules of the order and on a routine check in on March 9, 2017 Ramesh was taken into custody AGAIN!

This has not been an easy road but we are not giving up!

Please sign and share this petition to have ICE #RELEASERAMESH from custody.


Reasons for signing

  • Because our faith tell us to forgive, love and protect one another.
  • Guyana is no place to live. I know for sure! He did his time, let him free. I signed bc the real people they should focus on are the US CITIZENs who do majority of the killings and henious crimes instead of focusing on the ones who do minor crimes. God knows what this lady is going through. I will keep him and his family in my prayers.
  • Because our faith tells us to welcome the stranger.


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