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To: U.S. House and Senate


This is a time of moral crisis for our nation. President Trump, his cabinet, and customs and border patrol agents intentionally harm, degrade, and terrorize immigrants and asylum seekers in the United States and at the U.S.-Mexico border. This is immoral and unacceptable.

Why is this important?

As justice-seekers inspired by our faith, we honor the dignity of every person. As Pope Francis said: “These are not mere social or migrant issues… Migrants are first of all human persons.” We affirm the sacred human right of all people to seek asylum.

We urge Congress to:

--Reduce Funding for Deportation, Detention, and Border Militarization; Support Funding for Refugee Resettlement and Asylum
When determining federal appropriations for FY 2020, we urge Congress to reduce funds for CPB and ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations. Refuse to provide any additional funding for a border wall; instead allocate resources to support refugee resettlement and access to asylum

--Keep Families Together and Invest in Alternatives to Detention
We call for an end to family detention this year, by December 2019, and urge Congress to increase funding for less costly, more efficient, community-based alternatives to detention.

--Exert Robust Oversight over Detention and Uses of Federal Funding
We urge Congress to require additional inspections of ICE facilities, ensure ICE publishes public weekly reports, and create a detention ombudsperson to strengthen oversight. Congress should also prohibit federal funds from being used to: enforce Muslim or refugee bans, deport or detain DACA, TPS, or DED holders, and carry out immigration enforcement operations at “sensitive” locations including schools, churches, and hospitals.

We call on President Trump, and all who play a part in these cruel acts, to stop terrorizing our immigrant neighbors and stop tearing families apart. We call on our elected officials in Congress to withhold funding from CBP and ICE that enables them to raid communities, separate families, and detain children and families. We call on immigration enforcement officers and agents to turn away from cruelty and choose compassion.


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