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To: Our LGBTQI Family, and All Who Condemn Religious-Based Physical & Spiritual Violence

Stop Killing Us: Demand Respect for Our Dead. Remember Pulse.

Stop Killing Us: Demand Respect for Our Dead. Remember Pulse.

On June 12th, 2016, 49 of our LGBTQ siblings in Orlando became ancestors too soon. In their audacity of hate, the Religious Right will convene hundreds of international fundamentalist communications actors in Orlando in February 2017 to strategize and reaffirm the toxic theologies that kill our bodies and spirits around the world each year.

The grass has yet to grow on the graves of those we have buried from the Pulse massacre. We demand respect for those precious lives and demand change in the religious media that lead to our spiritual and physical deaths.

Together with Soulforce, we call on the National Religious Broadcasters to publicly REPENT the violence caused by their Christian Supremacist theologies, to begin to REPAIR that harm by changing their homophobic code of ethics to reflect the humanity of LGBTQI people, and to RECONCILE with our community in word and deed.

Why is this important?

From NRB ‘17 Keynote Speaker:
“In downtown Orlando, there is a place, a dark place, filled with sin, where people were put to death...People were killed, because people are wicked.”
-RC Sproul Orlando-area pastor, chancellor of Reformation Bible College


The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) is a Right-Wing communications network with 1100+ member stations broadcasting around the world. Their annual meeting will be hosted this year in Orlando, FL, where significant numbers of anti-LGBT, anti-Muslim Christian communicators will convene to discuss broadcasting strategy for the upcoming year.

All 1100+ NRB member organizations are bound by an explicit mandate in NRB’s Code of Ethics banning "homosexuals" and their allies, which effectively promotes hate even to the point of inciting violence against LGBTQI people around the world. Their messaging sews the cultural and political seeds of immense self-loathing, shame and fear.

Additionally, the NRB serves as a significant strategy arm of the Christian Right for bolstering violent institutional practices like targeted “religious freedom” laws and anti-transgender policy creation through a faith-based rhetoric.

Soulforce invites all those who are willing, both in Florida and everywhere, to hold vigil for 86 hours over this Living Altar in Orlando with us as we honor our dead and challenge the power of this communications hub to harm our bodies and spirits with their death-dealing rhetoric.

Join us in Orlando or send your own dove with a message of resistance to build our Living Altar. Visit for more information.


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