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To: Christopher Shanahan, New York's Field Office Director of Immigration And Customs Enforcement

You Can Stop Frank Barker From Being Deported

To take action to close the case of Frank Barker as he is a vital part of his community and so that he may remain with his family and friends while continuing to receive essential health care.

Why is this important?

You can stop Frank Barker from being deported.

Who is Frank Barker?

A father. A grandfather. An uncle, a sibling, a son. A healthcare worker, with degrees in psychology and sociology. A recovering addict, clean for seven years. A volunteer. A formerly incarcerated man putting his life back together. Twice-promoted to manager of Housing at Aligned Services of NYC, ASCNYC. An HIV-positive survivor. A vital part of his community.

Frank Barker is many things, but to the Obama administration, he is only a number: one of the eleven million people living in fear of our unjust deportation system. And if we don’t act now, Frank may very well join the over 1000 people deported from their loved ones every single day. Can you help Frank and his family breathe free?

Frank needs a temporary stay of removal to delay his deportation. Here’s how you can help:

•Write a letter of support using the template below and send it to The New Sanctuary Coalition of NYC;
•Sign the petition below; and
•Share this request far and wide to help keep Frank with his family.

Forty years ago, Frank was brought to the U.S. from the Caribbean at age nine (born in Nevis). Since his arrival, he earned two degrees and has worked in healthcare since 1986, raising a beautiful family: his daughters Kristan and Myah. His grandsons, J’cion and Ja’kei, parents, siblings, and numerous nieces and nephews—all are U.S. citizens; count on Frank for financial, emotional, and spiritual support. Along the way, he’s made mistakes—substance dependence that led to several convictions. He served his time, got clean and is now a better man for it. To make amends and give back to our community, he began volunteering for Aligned Services Centers of NYC (ASCNYC), an organization that cares for sick people without homes. Through his passion and hard work, he was hired, and has since been promoted twice and is now their Housing Placement Manager.

In spite of these contributions to our community, ICE locked Frank up for 12 months, only releasing him because they did not want to pay for his health care. Frank is sick—he takes 15 pills a day—and needs to be closely monitored by his doctors to stay alive. A deportation now could very well be a death sentence. It doesn’t have to be. We can keep Frank here, at his job and with his loved ones. Please take action today: write a letter, sign the petition, and share Frank’s story with your friends. Help Frank Barker and his family breathe free.




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