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To: Director Wong (Chicago Field Office, ICE), Secretary Johnson (Department of Homeland Security), Director Saldaña (ICE)

Tell Chicago ICE: Don't deport Jose Juan, father of 5

Use prosecutorial discretion to stop the deportation of Jose Juan Federico Moreno Anguiano and keep this family together. Until then, our church (University Church in Chicago, a member congregation of the Chicago Religious Leadership Network) will continue to provide sanctuary for Mr. Moreno-a loving husband and father of five US-born children.

Why is this important?

My church took emergency moral action when Jose Juan was placed in deportation proceedings and ordered to leave the country and his family by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Chicago Field Office.

"Abandoning my children is not a choice I can make. I live for them, and I will fight to stay with them,” says Jose Juan. As people of faith, we opened our doors to Jose Juan and offered him a sanctuary so that he can continue to fight to stay with his family.

On behalf of University Church, my congregation, and signers of this petition, I urge you to reconsider Mr. Moreno’s request for use discretion, and allow him to stay with his family.

I understand that Mr. Federico Moreno has a charge for an “aggravated” DUI, and that the aggravated charge is solely because as an undocumented immigrant he had no access to a driver’s license and that Illinois law unfairly punishes those without one. As people of faith, we also understand that we are more than our mistakes and that all of God’s children deserve second chances. Faith compels us to respond to injustice, to welcome the stranger, and to promote families staying together.

My church first offered Sanctuary to immigrants fleeing violent war in Guatemala and El Salvador in 1985. Now, because of cruel US immigration enforcement practices, my church has once again opened its doors for Sanctuary. As a church, we have seen firsthand the loving and generous sacrifices Jose Juan makes for his family each day. As people of faith, we call on you to stop his deportation to allow this family to stay together.
Chicago, IL, United States

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