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To: State Education Commissioner John King

Tell Education Commissioner King to let the community into the conversation on December 12, 2013

Tell Education Commissioner King to let the community into the conversation on December 12, 2013

Sign to tell Commissioner King to change the venue on December 12, 2013 and really meet with concerned Buffalo parents, pastors, teachers and community leaders.

Why is this important?

With the common core and high stakes testing effecting our education system and our children in Buffalo, we need officials to listen to our community. As parents, this is at the core of our hearts, and as Americans, this is at the core of our democracy.

And Commissioner King has yet to hear the communities voices. We have called for him to hear our stories on may occasions and he has consistently gone to the surrounding areas but never giving the many people of this great city; who have been fighting for the educational equity for their students his time.

Our laws call for community members and leaders to work together to shape our children's future. So this is why we need to be in a space where the Commissioner can hear what high stakes testing and the common core are doing to our students so we can start to get testing right.

Please add your name by filling out the form to the right before our urgent deadline is December 11th.

Buffalo, NY, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • I have been waiting since the first forum for a chance to speak. I was not one of the lucky few to win the lottery. I want to be heard!
  • Students, parents, teachers, faith leaders, and community members deserve to be heard on this very important matter regarding the education of ALL of our chidlren.
  • Because this is America, Americans expect free speech and leaders to bow to the will of the people.


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