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To: The New York State Legislature

Tell NY Lawmakers: Don't back down on #FightFor15

As people of faith in your districts, we urge you to strongly support increasing the minimum wage for all workers across the state to $15 an hour. Three million working New Yorkers earn under $15 per hour and raising the minimum wage would ensure they can meet basic needs for their families, while boosting the economy for everyone.

Why is this important?

Whether or not New Yorkers win a $15 minimum wage could be decided in the next two weeks -- and right now, we as people of faith have reason to be concerned. Opponents of the raise are fighting back by trying to delay the increase, introduce industry exemptions, or keep the wage lower outside New York City.

New Yorkers like Monya, a certified nursing assistant in Buffalo, deserve a just wage.

“The work I do is important in the lives of the resident I care for, but the pay ($10/hour) leaves me painfully short in my ability to take care of my own family,” she says.

Low-wage workers can’t afford for the fight for a $15 minimum wage to fall short. And as people of faith, we can’t afford to be silent.

Add your name now to tell New York State lawmakers to stand strong for a $15 minimum wage for all New Yorkers.

How it will be delivered

This Monday, we’re organizing a multifaith Moral Monday action at the Capitol, where we'll deliver our petition to lawmakers. For more information or to RSVP, visit

New York State

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