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The Groundswell to Keep the Internet Open and Free

The Groundswell to Keep the Internet Open and Free

Encourage lawmakers to defend the FCC's historic decision to protect the Internet as a public utility, an essential tool in our work for social change.

Why is this important?

Today the Internet is a space where all of us -- no matter the content of our beliefs, color of our skin, size of our wallets -- have an equal voice. The Internet has become the prophetic platform of the 21st century. Through online actions, we have protected sons and daughters from deportation, uplifted communities in the aftermath of mass shootings, changed federal policy on hate crimes, told untold stories, and much more. We have showed up for one another, as people of faith and moral fiber, in life-giving ways.

On Feb 26th, the Federal Communications Commission adopted strong protections so that corporations do not have the power to control what happens on the Internet -- and how well our voices are heard. Four million Americans have already asked our government to keep the Internet open and free, but now members of Congress are attacking this decision. We, as people of many faiths and backgrounds, ask lawmakers to do the right thing as a moral imperative. Please sign and share this now.

Reasons for signing

  • I am a U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam War veteran (Danang 1969) who volunteered to defend our country's beliefs that all men & women are created equal and have unalianable rights of life, liberty, a& the pursuit of hapiness. We should all have the equal right to use the internet for our free speech!
  • Free Public Speech connected to Free Public Internet
  • The Internet has become an essential public utility; it must remain unfettered and totally accessible. The telecoms and their political minions can continue to squeal -- all the way to the bank.


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