To: The Federal Communications Commission

The Open Internet is Under Attack. We Vow to Protect It.

The Open Internet is Under Attack. We Vow to Protect It.

President Trump's appointee announced that he will overturn net neutrality rules. We, people of faith and moral conscious, vow to build the resistance to protect the open Internet.

Why is this important?

Two years ago, millions of us rose up in a movement to protect the open Internet, and we won. The open Internet is a space where all of us -- no matter the content of our beliefs, color of our skin, size of our wallets -- have an equal voice.

We will not let President Trump's appointee overturn net neutrality protections. In this critical time, we need net neutrality now more than ever to fight and defend the future of our democracy. Our marches, vigils, petitions, and calls to action depend on organizing on an open Internet.

So we vow to continue to champion faith and moral voices in the fight to protect the open Internet as a moral imperative. We, as people of many faiths and backgrounds, ask lawmakers to do the right thing as a moral imperative.

Reasons for signing

  • Our American moral values have declined to a point of embarrassment, fueled by a man that has no morals!
  • It is essential not pnly for the exercise of free speech in the 21st century but also to close the education gap beteeen the haves and havenots
  • Access to the internet is a basic necessity at this point in our human journey. Content should be accessible without corporate interference to everyone regardless of which source provides access to the web.


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