To: Everybody who wants to move beyond social fragmentation and who cares about the future of the USA and the world.

The transformative power of integral politics

Help us all convene a new holistic politics that engages thousands of interdependent critical issues arising throughout all sectors of society, in ways that are held together through a sacred/secular moral/ethical unity. Reach out to all sectors of social organization, and devise new methods of network-supported social transformation that effect change in thousands of particular local and immediate ways, while acting as a unified and integral force for social uplift. Engage agencies in all sectors of society in an integral framework that recognizes their critical role in the broad tapestry of community. Honor and engage the existing forces for good. Weave integral holistic unity in every direction. Celebrate the spirit.

Why is this important?

Despite our best intentions, we cannot change American politics or world politics by launching independent non-connected non-integral actions that do not work together as a unified force. This approach, though natural and understandable, furthers our social fragmentation and weakens the natural power of grassroots-driven change by keeping the movement scattered. Yes, we need all these specific actions -- and there are hundreds or thousands of them (for example, see Arianna Huffington's Third World America) -- but we must convene these actions through a wisdom-guided spirit-led intuitively natural process that brings out the best in everybody, and recognizes from the beginning that the tremendous diversity in our society -- not only in ethnicity and religion and sexuality, etc -- but in skill-sets and psychological inclinations (right-brain / left-brain, etc) -- is a huge powerful asset, that we must envision as a whole, and have the power to convene as a whole. This vision is consistent with the highest potentials of religion, while acting entirely in secular and humanistic terms.