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To: All citizens who support economic, racial, ethical, environmental, civil rights, justice

VOTE and become a VOTER's Advocate: Make this election a RESTORE HOPE and JUSTICE campaign

Use your vote and your voting advocacy to restore the Voting Rights ACT and return this country's leadership to decent-and-in-order standards for the people and voted on by the people.

Demand ONE voice, ONE vote! Stop VOTER suppression.

Why is this important?

This nation is in peril. We are a divided nation. We must come together to save the integrity of our constitution.

We have lost ground and dignity in the past four years due to unimaginable corruption and lack of leadership. We must pause the hate and systematic injustices. We must press forward to a nation of integrity that welcomes racial, religious, and LGBT equality. We must stop the tendency to go back 100 years and instead adopt policies that will honor science, save the integrity of the vote and bring together a divided nation for the sake of our children and their children's children.

This moment is bigger than US. This is a deciding moment in the history of this nation. Will we stand up against white supremacy's threat to rear its ugly head? Will we stand for women's hard earned rights? Will we push back on foreign governments' attempts to control the White House? Will we honor those who protect our borders and have lost their lives for this country? Who will speak for the homeless?

We are a better people when we vote our values that protect human rights, rather than destroy human rights.

When it's all said and done which side will you choose to stand on? Will you be on the side of justice, freedom, and people's rights? Will you choose to vote for Humanity and Freedom, for all children and people regardless of sexual preference, race, creed or other qualifiers?

Please join me and others in taking a stand for the right side of Justice by joining me and others who are set on causing as the late Congressman Lewis encouraged us to do... Causing GOOD TROUBLE.

Vote your conscience on November 3rd and bring others along to save this nation from itself.

Seattle, WA, USA

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2021-06-24 10:28:56 -0400

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