To: President Trump and His Administration

Stand Up and Be Counted! 1000 Congregations Strong For Sanctuary

We need to you to sign up as a Sanctuary Congregation today! We’re working to have an organized list of all the Sanctuary congregations in the country to show more than 1,000 congregations are involved.

As leaders of faith and conscience, we know that nearly one thousand of our congregations stand ready to resist this administration’s harsh anti-immigrant policies through the Sanctuary Movement.

Millions of longtime members of our communities are being targeted for detention and deportation. For many being deported to unsafe conditions could have fatal consequences. We will continue to resist these unjust policies until everyone is afforded the same basic dignity everyone is deserving of.

Why is this important?

If there ever was a time to stand up in support of sanctuary, it is now. This administration continues to tighten screws of the deportation machine on our communities, tearing people apart from their families and even putting people at risk of being killed by gang violence, famine, or poor health conditions.

The Sanctuary Movement provides a moral and prophetic platform for immigrant leaders to tell their stories and change the hearts of minds of the broader public. Anti-immigrant hate has no response to the power of faith communities and immigrant leaders standing up together.

To show the power of the Sanctuary Movement, we want to get beyond 1000 Congregations. There are so many congregations already involved that have yet to be officially counted. Sign here to say your congregation supports sanctuary and encourage other congregations you know to do the same.

What is a Sanctuary Congregation?

Becoming a Sanctuary Congregation is a way to offer a prophetic witness through a broad array of solidarity activities, walking alongside immigrants in need. Many congregations are willing to house those who are in imminent danger of deportation.

However, congregations that are willing to assist with legal service, provide food, clothes or shelter, organize alongside impacted people, accompany immigrants to ICE check-ins, advocate to help stop deportations, assist immigrants with basic needs or join a local Sanctuary Coalition, you are also a Sanctuary Congregation! Make sure you are counted as a faith community that is part of the national Sanctuary Movement!

Sanctuary is also expanding to be in solidarity with all vulnerable populations in the Trump era, including people of color, LGBTQ communities, Muslims and anyone who is facing discrimination from the current political crisis.

Now is not the time to hesitate. Sign here to stand up and be counted for Sanctuary.

Reasons for signing

  • We made a promise. we must keep it.
  • My faith impels me to stand on the right side of history and justice. One cannot celebrate their faith on Sunday and remain silent the rest of the week. I am called to live a "People First" mandate that uplifts, affirms, and celebrates the dignity of all of God's people.
  • Raith communities are called to live their Christian values by standing for the refugee.


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