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To: All Who Have Had Enough

Together, We Can Create a Nation Where Everyone Thrives. Join Us.

Each of us deserves an opportunity to live up to our full human potential. Each of us deserves to live in a nation where our lives are cherished, where we can be safe and live free from fear that they may be taken from us by a society that holds them to be less valuable than the lives of others.

Instead, we live in a nation where each year hundreds of parents are struck by the agony of losing a child at the hands of police; thousands of black and brown people are being fed into a voracious system of mass incarceration that chews us up, spits us out and leaves us unable to find work and live with dignity; and millions of us are losing ground in an economy that is rigged to favor the wealthy few who value our lives least.

This didn’t happen by accident. The enduring structure of our social, political, and financial economies almost ensures this result. Yet, we are constantly told we who are struggling have only ourselves to blame. But we know it’s a flat out lie.

The mass criminalization and economic exploitation of people of color are but two sides of the same vile coin of an ongoing American Apartheid causing generations of trauma that remains largely unaccounted for.

Why is this important?


We are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

As communities of faith and conscience, we have a moral obligation to call out evil in high places, to challenge the lies we are being fed, and to refocus our nation’s attention on the conditions that are leaving people and places locked up, locked out and left behind.

Any hope for a new future demands that there be a reckoning -- a moment to unapologetically expose the ugly truths of our nation’s past and present. We declare that moment is now.


We are the ones we have been waiting for.

As determined spirits, fired by an unshakable faith in a bold, transformative vision for the future of our nation, we have the power to alter the course of history.

We will not stop, nor will we be satisfied until every person in this country enjoys full access to the opportunity to thrive and live a life of dignity.


We reject the fraudulent narrative of scarcity. We know there is more than enough for everyone to thrive.

We stand in the sacred truth that sharing in the earth’s abundance ensures there will be plenty for all. We will no longer tolerate systemic racism, nor continue to accept the self-interested, unbridled greed and hoarding of wealth that creates conditions where millions of our people are forced to live without enough -- economically and socially.

We insist on a better future for our nation. A future that doesn’t depend on chance, but on avenues of opportunity where our children attend quality schools, our communities are safe and our families are whole. A future where we can leave our homes without fear of death, detention or deportation. A future that guarantees good jobs with living wages. One with bold investments that strengthen our communities.

We demand ENOUGH for all of our families to thrive.

We Say ENOUGH! Join the refrain. Join the movement. Together we can define a new moral agenda for our next President and the future of our nation.



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