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To: White U.S. Christians

White Christians: Take the Pledge Against Systemic Racism

Read the 5-Part Commitment for white Christians to work against systemic racism in their everyday lives. Take the electronic pledge to do this work, share that you’ve done so, and invite the white Christians in your social networks to do the same.

Why is this important?

Because a majority of white Christians (and most white Evangelical Christians) voted for Donald Trump despite his regular use of overtly racist rhetoric and behavior, and his promising policies and actions that will promote racial division and injustice. If Christians do not want Christianity associated with support for racism and racial injustice, now is the crucial time to stand up, declare our convictions, and take concrete actions in support of those convictions.

The 5-Part Commitment:
1. Learn about our nation’s racial history
2. Break out of white self-segregation
3. Educate myself about the hopes, fears, and desires of people of color today
4. Engage and challenge racism in white social circles
5. Prepare for public action


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