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To: Individuals, Businesses, and Institutions of Moral Conscience

Take The FOR Truth and Reparations Pledge

Sign onto this pledge to join the FOR campaign for truth-telling, healing, and grassroots reparations in the United States of America.

Reparations is a process of repairing, healing and restoring a people injured by governments, corporations, institutions and families because of their group identity and in violation of their fundamental human rights.

Groups that have been injured have the right to obtain from the government, corporation, institution or family responsible for the injuries that which they need to repair and heal themselves. As well as being a demand for justice, reparations is a principle of international human rights law.

Why is this important?

The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR), the Truth Telling Project (TTP), Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY), Coming to the Table (CTTT), representatives from the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’COBRA), and others have come together to think about how reparations in our lifetime might be possible.

It will be possible with you.

Take the pledge today!

* I pledge to approach reparations as a spiritual journey that speaks to my own humanity and liberation of myself with those most impacted;

* I pledge to learn more about how structures and institutions built on slave labor continue to disenfranchise people in the African diaspora and devalue Black lives;

* I pledge to learn more about America’s history and its foundation of chattel slavery;

* I pledge to acknowledge, I benefit from this gross moral and material harm just by being white in this society;

* I pledge to acknowledge and work to heal the moral and material harm of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, which continues to manifest harm in Black communities;

* I pledge to follow the leadership and be patient with those who are impacted by slavery and its legacy;

* I pledge to learn how to participate in reparations in my local community and encourage my networks to do the same;

*I pledge to act in ways that limit my complicity in violence against Black People (this may mean divesting in investments that harm Black People);

* I pledge to give and support (healing, material goods, assistance) without expectation on how these should be used;

* I pledge to give and support in ways that may not always make me feel good, but help me develop as a person and put others first;

* I pledge to take this message to my family, friends and community, calling those in with love rather than through guilt;

* I enter into this pledge to be a part of the healing necessary to transform this nation’s and my relationship with descendants of the transatlantic slave trade.



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