Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Black Presidents and Deans Say: No More Stolen Black Lives!
    Thank you for supporting this campaign. Black presidents, deans, and scholars at theological schools and departments of religion will not accept anti-Black violence or White supremacy in any of its forms. Our colleagues at AAR and ATS have made specific commitments to us, and we will continue to follow up with them through this summer. Contacts: Pamela R. Lightsey, [email protected] & Matthew Williams, [email protected]
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    Created by Pamela R Lightsey
  • Tell Secretary Jeh Johnson: Close Daniel Neyoy Ruiz's Deportation Case
    Daniel has been issued a stay of deportation! It means Daniel gets to stay with his son Carlos and wife Karla for another year without fear. After that, he'll apply to renew until his case is closed. With God's grace, Daniel and his family will be together this Father's Day. But we’re also praying for the thousands of American families – just like Daniel, Carlos, and Karla – who are torn apart by our broken immigration system.
    1,783 Signatures
    Created by Rev. Alison Harrington
  • Tell the Obama Administration: Stop Beatriz from being deported
    Victory! Beatriz has had her deportation order withdrawn. Click to read the full story and share the good news: As we celebrate Beatriz and her family, we also recommit to working for justice for all our immigrant neighbors. Find other active Sanctuary cases here:
    3,450 Signatures
    Created by Jose Landaverde
  • 6,140 Signatures
    Created by Nicole Kligerman
  • Reunite Michel and Heidi with their Mother Myrna
    On April 14, 2016, Michel 9 yrs and Heidy 13 went to Mexico to meet their mother with the hope that they can be a family. It was a tearful meeting and they knew that the struggle was going to long and hard. Against all odds they are a family today. Myrna, Heidy and Michel will be going to NY. More photos, videos and information will follow when we greet Myrna with joy and happiness of her homecoming. The New Sanctuary Coalition of NYC celebrates this reunification, recognizing the hardship caused by our immigration system that does not take into account the needs of families, especially young children. We hope that moving forward our government sees the light and passes fair and humane immigration policies that respect the rights and dignity of all human beings.
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    Created by R Ragbir Picture
  • Tell Bloomington City Attorney Sandra Johnson to drop charges against #BlackLivesMatter protesters
    In November, a Minnesota judge dismissed charges against organizers of a Black Lives Matter protest that drew thousands of demonstrators to the Mall of America – ruling it was peaceful and “not subversive”. Read more here:
    3,209 Signatures
    Created by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Voelkel
  • Tell Congress Religious Liberty Doesn't Mean LGBT Discrimination
    We did it! We delivered our letter to members of Congress in support of religious liberty and equality and in opposition to the First Amendment Defense Act. By raising our voices when and how we did the bill did not come to a vote. Read more here:
    3,791 Signatures
    Created by Stosh Cotler Picture
  • After Ferguson, We Must Change Police and Court Practices in St. Louis County
    We won-- the first step, anyway. More than 2,100 of us signed the petition, and 300 of us held a march and die-in that shut down the county justice center the first week in December. Together, we got Stenger's attention. His transition team agreed to work with us on a summit where area officials can discuss reforms to the debtor prison system trapping low-income people and people of color in prison for traffic violations, court fees and other minor violations and to institute or expand community policing procedures. His team will also help us work to change policies so that area nonprofits can access funds from an under-utilized state program to get more services to young people of color in the county. It's a small step but moves us in the right direction toward dismantl ing a legacy of decisions that choked off opportunity for people of color in the region for decades. Please know that your support has helped us initiate something that can feed into the larger stream of work for racial justice in Ferguson, the region and our nation. Thanks for everything you do, Gordon Mayer (on behalf of Rev. Dietra Baker, Laura Barrett and Gamaliel)
    2,187 Signatures
    Created by Gordon Mayer