• Stand in Solidarity with Families of Charleston Church Shooting
    On Wednesday night, a gunman opened fire in a historic African American church – at least 9 people were killed, including the pastor. The shooting is the largest attack on a faith community in recent US history. As people of many faiths and beliefs – Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan, Humanist, and others – our hands tremble with the horror and grief of this bloodshed in a sacred space. We must move quickly to show the community of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church our solidarity, and that we are equally horrified by this shooting. We stand with the Charleston community and reject the hateful actions of this shooter. And we pledge our love and support as the community mourns and begins to heal.
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  • Tell the Cleveland Indians it's time to change their racist name and mascot
    My name is Toni Buffalo, I am a Lakota person of faith and a member of the United Church of Christ. I started this petition because it is time for the Cleveland baseball team to change their racist mascot and inappropriate team name. To me, this is personal – as a Native American woman, a mother, a grandmother and an educator I see the impact of this harmful imagery on our Native youth and students. When our culture is boiled down to a stereotypical team name or a racist team mascot that falsely represent 2.9 million people and 566 federally recognized tribes, the result is our young people suffer and cannot reach their full potential as God’s children. For all youth to grow up in a world that is healed of prejudice, we must dismantle the racist imagery and names in our society. Our indigenous tradition teaches us that we are all relatives to one another through Mother Earth. Our faith tradition tells us that we are all created in God’s image. Holding on to racist images and inappropriate names only serves to injure our common humanity and to disfigure God’s image in all of us. For more than 100 years, the Cleveland baseball team has adopted the name “Indians” and perpetuated the myth of Indigenous peoples as savages in this continent. It's the same negative stereotype that was used to justify genocide and land theft from our communities. The racist caricature of Chief Wahoo is similar to the smiling face of Little Black Sambo and equally offensive. There is nothing funny or endearing about racism. Join me and people of faith around the country in calling on the Cleveland baseball team to change their racist mascot and inappropriate team name!
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  • Brooklyn College: Stop Defamation of Religion
    Pamela Geller is an infamous anti-Muslim zealot who instead of targeting extremists has made a career harassing mainstream Muslim Americans. Hatred against minority groups (Blacks, Gays, Jews and others) is increasingly unwelcome on campuses around the country. Unfortunately, Geller's organization, Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA), was designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) but that does not stop New York's MTA and other mass transit systems from accepting her defamatory ads on trains and buses and platforms. Despite mass transit's reluctance to post all the ads because of the trouble they could incite or provoke, courts have forced MTA and SEPTA (in Philadelphia) to post Geller's ads because of their readings of 1st Amendment protections. Sad to say, Geller and her lawyers have distorted the principles of free speech by ranging far beyond political critique to outright lies designed to equate Islam (a religion of 1.2 billion people) with Nazism and with Savagery. This campaign has a harshly negative effect on Muslims living in New York and in other locations featuring her messaging. nor is it conducive to encouraging Muslims to work in partnership to confront the challenge we all face. Such anti-Muslim prejudice is often cited as a reason for the worsening cycle of violence abroad, perpetrated by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. For example, terrorist Anders Breivik referenced Geller's hate blog a dozen times in his manifesto before he killed more than 70 people in two attacks in Norway, seeking to justify his attacks. A clear link exists between anti-Muslim messaging and harassment. Students of Brooklyn college should be protected during this time and also hear a message of support from the President's Office. As an educational institution, Brooklyn College is a space for free debate but the school (its administration and the student community) should ensure a level of quality as well as accuracy of information. This can be accomplished through organizing debates on the claims and distortions made by Ms Geller and other Islamophobes; disseminating accurate information regarding diverse faith traditions, cultures and ethnic groups; and investigating any financial and social relationship between hate groups and the academic institution.
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  • We support the appeal to replace Archbishop Cordileone
    In a letter published in the San Francisco Chronicle April 16, 2015, Catholics appealed to Pope Francis to replace the archbishop with a leader true to Catholic values. In response to the ad, the archbishops’s reply was "The greatest misrepresentation of all is that the signers presume to speak for the Catholic Community of San Francisco...They do not.” We want Pope Francis to know that YES THEY DO speak for us! "Archbishop Cordileone has fostered an atmosphere of division and intolerance." say leaders. "He has forced Archdiocesan high school teachers to accept a mean-spirited morality code that violates individual consciences, as well as California labor laws He supports a pastor at Star of the Sea parish who marginalizes women’s participation in the church by banning girls from altar service, contrary to your desire to expand women’s roles in the Catholic Church. He has isolated himself from our community, and brushes aside advice from his priests. The Archdiocese of San Francisco is threatened and cannot survive, let alone thrive and grow, under Archbishop Cordileone’s supervision." Full text of the letter is available at: http://bit.ly/1b1ZLhm The story has been covered at: http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/matier-ross/article/Prominent-Catholics-call-on-pope-to-oust-S-F-6202539.php Get involved by following the campaign on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theyspeakforme?fref=nf
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  • Join these interfaith youth: Pledge to take part in "Better Together Day"
    Here are a few statistics that might surprise you: - Fewer than 45% of Americans know a single Muslim, Mormon, Buddhist, or Hindu - 40% of Americans have negative attitudes toward atheists - Globally, religious tension is at a six-year high We can look at them and say, “Oh well.” Or we can do something about it. On college campuses all across the country, we young people young people are deciding to do something about it! April 14th is Better Together Day, a national day to bring every American - no matter how they orient around religion - together to talk about what inspires them to make the world a better place. *Between now and 4/14, you can take part by having one conversation with someone of another religious or non-religious background and sharing your experience online.* And science backs up our approach! Research shows that when you know just ONE person of a different religious or non-religious background it leads to a more positive view of that whole community. And once you know someone’s beliefs, you can find what values you have in common, and use that as a basis to work together to fix the problems we all share. Imagine if a faith leader, nurse, doctor, lawyer, teacher, entrepreneur, or activist connected with just one new person. The ripple effect could help transform religion, healthcare, education, business, government and so many other systems where our lives connect. And it starts with just one a conversation. Pledge to celebrate Better Together Day and keep an eye in your inbox for some handy materials to help you have your conversation this week. We’ve seen firsthand that having one interfaith conversation can make a big difference. Here’s a story from one of our champions, Wendy Low, a Jewish senior at the University of Denver. “I was in Chicago for a weeklong interfaith leadership training with students from across the country and different religious backgrounds – including my soon-to-be friend Anusha, a Muslim. We were there to learn how to supercharge our interfaith activism back on campus. We were pumped! But there was a problem. Half a world away, the conflict in Gaza was raging. It was a tragic and religiously-charged moment. Anusha and I disagreed on many parts of the conflict – and our different religious identities were a part of that. What helped us get through the conflict – despite our differences, despite the media, and despite the enormous emotions of the time – was that I understood Anusha’s values because we talked about them. I understood that, as a Muslim, Anusha believes in peace and helping others. And she’s passionate about issues that I care about too – including homelessness, hunger, and human trafficking. Our conversation gave us a common ground of shared values to build our friendship and work better together. I hope you’re feeling as inspired as I am to take part in Better Together Day, a project of Interfaith Youth Core.”
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  • Girls Belong at the Altar! Support Altar girls in San Francisco parish
    It is discriminatory and it is unfair: As one high-ranking Church official put it: “...excluding girls from being altar servers is 'invidious discrimination' and to do this in this day and age in our culture has no justification." http://ncronline.org/news/faith-parish/san-francisco-priests-council-debates-pr-disaster-parish The decision was based on a flawed interpretation of Church teachings: Serving at mass is not a priestly function, and it is not a recruiting tool for the priesthood. http://cta-usa.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/LETTER-for-petition.pdf The ban “discredits the value of girls’ service in the Church”: Every other parish in the archdiocese allows altar girls, and we do not want Fr. Illo’s ban to set a precedent for other parishes. As one priest from a neighboring parish says: "For one San Francisco parish to choose to limit altar servers to males only is just not their business. It hurts us all when it argues archaic theology that discredits the value of girls' service in the Church.” http://www.siprep.org/page.cfm?p=9377 Read more about Star of the Sea Parish and the ban on altar girls at:  http://www.welovestarsf.com/faq.html
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  • Jeanette's Family Needs Her
    Jeanette Vizguerra, a Colorado community leader and mother, is facing deportation. Jeanette has led the fight against her own deportation since 2009, part of her secret to success is her die hard community. She needs it again, today! Share this and spread the word. Jeanette has lived in Colorado for twenty years, has 3 small children who are US citizens and has given selflessly as a community activist. She worked for SEIU as a labor organizer and volunteered with her children’s schools, the Aurora Neighborhood Watch Program, Rights for All People, the American Friends Service Committee and contributes to the Romero Troupe. She founded Dreamers Mothers in Action-Colorado. Jeanette has worked hard to build her community in Colorado and has inspired many with her courage and passion. Jeanette’s story exemplifies the brutality of our immigration system that is unjustly separating families and denying many the ability to live with dignity. Although this immigration system has tried to destroy Jeanette’s dignity, she is still fighting to be with her children and she needs our support!! History: Jeanette Vizguerra (A# 089-826-036), came to the US in 1997 with her husband and daughter. They fled after her husband, a bus driver, had been threatened at gun point for the third time. Jeanette worked cleaning office buildings and became a key member of her SEIU local, 105. Eventually she became an organizer, leading the fight for better pay and benefits for all janitors. She also joined a local advocacy group called Rights for All People as one of its founding members. She worked to establish trust and relationship between the immigrant community and the police. She and her husband started a moving and cleaning company and eventually had three more children, all US citizens. Jeanette’s case began in 2009 when she was pulled over for an expired license plate and then arrested for driving without a license (at that time Coloradans couldn't get a license if they couldn't prove status). That traffic stop led to a police officer discovering documents she was going to use to apply for a third job this discovery resulted in a misdemeanor. The economic downturn had impacted the moving company and her husband had taken ill so she was the only breadwinner for her family. In 2013, as she was awaiting an appeal in her case, she received a call from Mexico that her mother was dying. Despite 17 years in the US and thousands of miles, Jeanette and her mother spoke weekly. There are no humanitarian visas or programs available for those circumstances and Jeanette decided she had to be at her mother’s side before she died. She flew to Mexico the next day and, as she was in the air, her mother died. After 7 months of trying to build a life and send for her children, it became clear to Jeanette that at 40 she was too old to get good paying work in Mexico and decided to return to the US. She was detained at the border, and with the help of community, released back to Denver, where she has continued to pick up the threads of her life. This is why Jeanette needs your support. Sign and share this petition widely. http://www.groundswell-mvmt.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Jeanette.png
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  • The Groundswell to Keep the Internet Open and Free
    Two years ago, millions of us rose up in a movement to protect the open Internet -- and we won. Net neutrality keeps the Internet an open platform for people of all faiths and backgrounds to communicate, create, and organize online. Today the Internet is a space where all of us -- no matter the content of our beliefs, color of our skin, size of our wallets -- have an equal voice. The Internet has become the prophetic platform of the 21st century. Through online actions, we have protected sons and daughters from deportation, uplifted communities in the aftermath of mass shootings, changed federal policy on hate crimes, told untold stories, and much more. We have showed up for one another, as people of faith and moral fiber, in life-giving ways. But today, President Trump's appointee announced that he will overturn net neutrality rules. We vow to be part of the resistance. In this critical time, we need net neutrality now more than ever to fight and defend the future of our democracy. Our marches, vigils, petitions, and calls to action depend on organizing on an open Internet. So today, we vow to continue to champion faith and moral voices in the fight to protect the open Internet as a moral imperative. We, as people of many faiths and backgrounds, ask lawmakers to do the right thing as a moral imperative. Please sign and share this now.
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  • After Chapel Hill, Let our Muslim Neighbors Know - We Are With You
    Early Wednesday morning, students Deah Barakat, aged 23, his wife Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, 21, and her sister Razan, 19, were gunned down in their Chapel Hill home by a neighbor. The Muslim community is upset at the tragic loss of innocent life, scared for their children and feeling alone. While the motive for the shooting is still unclear, it is important that we move quickly to show our Muslim-American neighbors and colleagues that we care for them and are equally horrified by this shooting. As people of diverse faith and moral traditions, let our Muslim American friends know that we stand firm with them in this difficult time and reject the hateful actions of this shooter.
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  • Discrimination and fear don't belong in our schools - Sign Now!
    San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone has proposed that teachers and staff at Bay Area high schools within the Archdiocese accept “morality clauses” that condemn homosexuality as contrary to “natural law,” contraception as “intrinsically evil,” ordination of female priests as impossible, and use of assisted reproductive technology as a “grave evil.” Every staff member is expected to “conduct their lives so as to not visibly contradict, undermine or deny these truths.” The Archbishop is also attempting to reclassify all Catholic school employees, including teachers, administrative staff, custodial and food service staff, as “ministers,” a move that could eliminate anti-discrimination and other workplace protections for those staff members. Students need a safe space free of judgment and fear. Not only is the move completely out of step with modern Catholic teachings and beliefs, but we could lose some of our best teachers and staff.
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  • Widen the Circle at the 2015 Family Synod
    The synod would benefit from listening to Catholic representatives from diverse constituencies and from engaging in the dialogue Pope Francis has promoted throughout his papacy. We believe widening the circle will create greater understanding among the synod fathers whose final recommendations to Pope Francis may impact our Church's pastoral practice for years to come. This petition is sponsored by: Aggiornomento, Australia (ACCCR) American Catholic Council Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests Australian Catholic Coalition for Church Renewal (ACCCR) Australian Reforming Catholics ARC (ACCCR) Call to Action Catholic Church Reform International Catholics for ministry CfM, Australia (ACCCR) Catholics for Renewal, Austraiia (ACCCR) Catholic Network for Women's Equality, Canada CORPUS The Cyber Community, Australia (ACCCR) DignityUSA Federation of Christian Ministries/Roman Catholic Faith Community Council Fortunate Families The Friendship Group WA, Australia (ACCCR) FutureChurch Inclusive Catholics, Australia (ACCCR) International Movement of We Are Church Loretto Women's Network National Coalition of American Nuns New Ways Ministry Noi Siamo Chiesa (Italian section of IMWAC) Pfarrei-Initiative, Schweiz Pfarrer-Initiative Austria Parrish Initiative Switzerland RAPPORT Roman Catholic Womenpriests RCWP-USA Sisters of Providence Peace With Justice Committee, St. Mary-of-the-Woods Southeastern Pennsylvania Women's Ordination Conference Vision of Faithful People (Netherlands) Voice of the Faithful We are All Church, South Africa (WAACSA) Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual Women and the Australian Church WATAC (ACCCR) Women's Ordination Conference Women's Ordination Worldwide
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  • People of faith demand Gov. Cuomo allow special prosecutor to investigate police killings
    Eric Garner. Tamir Rice. Mike Brown. Yvette Smith. John Crawford. Kimani Gray. Aiyana Stanley Jones. Reka Boyd. Sean Bell. Ezell Ford. Alex Nieto. Oscar Grant. The list goes on. Our black and brown brothers and sisters are being killed by police every 28 hours. This is unacceptable. We demand that the federal government do more to protect and bring justice to our brother and sisters of color. Our faith traditions tell us that we are all God’s children and created in His image. This calls for every person, regardless of race or ethnicity, to be live in communities free of fear from the very individuals called to serve and protect them. If you too are deeply disturbed by the incidents of police brutality impacting our communities of color … If you too are heartbroken and mourn with the families who have lost loved ones to police violence … Add your name to stand with us as people of faith to demand action.
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